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Promptly responses to denied access for Huawei sales

Promptly responses to denied access for Huawei sales by Trump.

Initially, the issues were ongoing for the ban in selling their components to giant Chinese telecoms, without any special permission by US firms.

Trump resumes the Huawei ban

The sales of US telecom components were denied by Donald Trump to Huawei tech without having any special license for sale. Trump added that, this will be resumed once he sorts out this issue on initiating trade talks with Beijing.

The giant telecoms – Chinese was handling the pressure for US taking actions against their sales.

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Strong support by US firms for Huawei sales

According to White House – The American President Donald Trump was said to be agreed with the action withdrawal against the Chinese tech giant, the Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. This happened in a meeting held with top heads of every technologically fame companies who gave strong support to accept the request “on time” given by Huawei.

The top technologies that took part in the meeting are Cisco Systems, Intel Broadcom, Qualcomm, Micron Technologies, Alphabet’s Google and Western Digital. The meeting had also underwent discussions on 5G technology and the unfair International trade practices.

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Job cuts at Futurewei – Huawei US research arm

The ban for Huawei in US was brought up on May 2019. From there, it was noted that, Huawei is slashing 600 jobs (i.e) 70 percent workforce from its US research arm, Futurewei Technologies.

The US research arm, Futurewei tech is located in many places such as Silicon Valley, Dallas areas, Chicago where it has come up amazingly with 2,100 patents filed in numerous tech areas such as wireless technologies, 5G cellular system and telecoms. On partnership with US researchers and universities in 2018, the operating cost was $510m, said Huawei.

As per the effective actions taken on July 22, 2019. The reason for job cuts was ” because of the retrenchment of business operations ” caused by US government’s actions.

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Washington Post on Huawei

Huawei secretly helped North Korea to build and maintain commercial wireless network – Washington Post.

US accuses Huawei for violating Iran sanctions and stealing American Intellectual property, accusations Huawei denies. Washington was noticed to be entering the allied governments stating Huawei to keep out of their 5G network’s where they gave an allowance on spying the company’s equipment.


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