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MS. Marvel’s new look is remarkably awful

MS. Marvel’s appearance is marking continuous changes, her recent looks are shattering. In Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung’s recently launched Magnificent Ms. Marvel which is not a business. This July, kamala Khan is stepping into a chapter of her already – historic existence as she gets a brand – new costume!

MS. Marvel’s bag
MS. Marvel’s Shoulder Bag

Kamala Khan is mirroring against herself with the terrifying suit featuring Ms. Marvel. This suit has particularly bombarded past fashion faux pas right to the top list of Ms. Marvel’s enemies.

In addition to those insults, kamala chooses to chase her homicidal former suit that sums up to her need in disguise across the town. Unfortunately, her attempt failed to turn good.


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The Kree-made suit consists of military-grade nanotechnology able to form a symbiotic bond with its wearer. It turned out thought that the suit also had a mind of its own guided by the “Frontier Articles of the Kree Empire” and not by Ms. Marvel’s more stringent morals. On realizing the true facts of the suit designed, it was too late to ask for the return pavement to hell. Finally, MS. Marvel’s fascinating new suit was granted which raged her to keep up with the marvel superpowers.

Cheb Hura, the prince of an alien planet
Cheb Hura, the prince of an alien planet

The suit was progressing few things about Ms. Marvel by which kamala discovered the drawbacks that are marked hidden in her suit. For example, the suit figured out how to use Ms. Marvel’s genetic imprint to take on a life of its own.

MS. Marvel's Cheb Hura, the prince of an alien planet
Cheb Hura, the prince of an alien planet SAFFA

When stormRanger chose Me. Marvel on daddy, it was expected to have been a long wicked game in play. Her notorious suit would still upgrade her for the perfect armor of the knee. Despite the massively powerful suit, it still resulted as the bad outfit for kamala to stand against her most powerful enemies, a twisted version of her own self. To make the scenario more unsettling, Ms. Marvel finds herself forced to rescue her former enemies from her own clothes.

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It is not only the suit that has caused all the issues to her. MS. Marvel was in disguise and started engaging in a running battle with stormranger. The scenario, when two civilians catch her hiding ruthlessly in an alley, she has to think of flying. MS. Marvel calls one of her powers and jumps with a backup mask on the fly which doesn’t meet her standards of all transformations.In fact, one of her new (remarkably frank) acquaintances tells Ms. Marvel that her mask is “going to scar any children who see you.”

MS. Marvel's
Cheb Hura Costume

Kamala must have left her bad fashion choices behind her, but in return, she has gained an enemy tailor-made to match her skill. If Ms. Marvel still continues to stand in the way of StormRanger’s protocols, the suit will definitely have zero compunction in using Ms. Marvel’s powers against her. With all of the amped-up costume changes Marvel has thrown out recently, StormRanger’s actions portrays a promise to make it a completely new suit with the most lasting effect on the Marvel Universe.

MS. Marvel's
Cheb Hura Sword

Stormranger, fascinating in its own right, also promises to give Ahmed the chance to explore the core of what makes Ms. Marvel a hero beyond her powers. Will this suit be more enough to defeat her mirror-image? Either way, no one should miss this epic match-up.


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