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Android auto extended across all android platforms

Android auto

On Oct 4th Google has extended its android auto service across all android platforms. It’s said that Android Auto would be compatible with any Android phone running at least Android Oreo. Android auto is an application that enables the mobile usage a bit simpler and easier while driving your car. It doesn’t need any physical connection but instead it functions wirelessly. Thus its newer and better that other docked and Bluetooth infotainment systems.

What’s so cool about Android auto ?

Firstly, Android Auto is a completely Wireless so that you don’t need to plug and unplug your phone every single time you go anywhere. But if you’re planning on a longer trip, or your phone needs a charge while accessing so then you can plug it in.

Secondly, when a phone is paired to a compatible car radio, you can access all mega tasks and it is displayed on your touchscreen/infotainment screen on the car radio, and things like driving directions and answers that you ask Google Assistant are all played through the car speakers.

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google pixel 4 xl compleat review

Google pixel 4 and pixel XL is undoubtedly Google’s great Smartphone tech ever which packs some major upgrades with some letdowns.

Last but not least there’s a slight drawback with benefits from this newbie. Typical wireless infotainments are accessed by connecting the two systems via Bluetooth. But here, the Bluetooth band doesn’t have the required bandwidth to use the application. And henceforth Wi-Fi connection is used instead. But it has a huge demand that your vehicle should be Wi-Fi functional to run this application on board. So the compatibility seems limited here, we hope that auto makers will bring this Wi-Fi enabled vehicle in the near future to lift the barricade.

What you need?

Your car radio, or head unit, needs to be capable of running Android Auto application. It also needs to have certified Wi-Fi accessing and connecting system. 

There’s no mountain ranges of list presently, only Google’s own Pixel line plus the Nexus 5X and 6P is said to be compatible. The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, S9/S9+, S10/S10+, and the Note 8/9/10 phones all support Android Audio Wireless if they’re running Android 9.0 Pie or higher.

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