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Bad news for these iPhone, iPad and iwatch user

Bad news for these iPhone, iPad and iwatch user. On Monday 3th June, in Sae Jose, California. Apple hosted Annual Worldwide Developers conference. It announced new iOS13 for iphone. And a brand new operating system for ipad called as ipadOS and for Apple watch its called as WatchOS 6. The new update will not be available in all apple Iphone, ipad, and Apple Watches because they don’t have the hardware required to support the new update. As already happen to 3s & 4s. Apple now has announced that this update will not be available for some of the product. Which make the product obsolete. Those product will no long will get any kind of update or support from Apple.

Apple has announced that the update will be available for iPhone 6s and later on devices. While the iPadOS will be available for iPad Air 2, all iPad Pro models, iPad Mini 4 & later on device and for Apple watch it will be Apple Watch Series 1 and other further released Models.

These are the Apple product which will no longer gets the latest updates.


iphone 5

iphone 5
Some rights reserved by MattsMac

iphone 5s

iphone 5s
Some rights reserved by Janito

iphone 6

iphone 6
Image by Attapon Thaphaengphan from Pixabay

iphone 6 plus

iphone 6 plus
Some rights reserved by Janito


Apple iPad.

apple ipad
Some rights reserved by mynet

Apple iPad 2nd Gen

ipad 2
Some rights reserved by leo_prince008

Apple iPad 3rd Gen

ipad 3 gen
Some rights reserved by JohnKarak

Apple iPad 4th Gen

ipad 4th gen

Apple iPad Air

ipad air
Some rights reserved by JohnKarak

Apple iPad Mini

ipad mini
Some rights reserved by Laineema

Apple iPad Mini 2

ipad mini 2
Some rights reserved by pestoverde

Apple iPad Mini 3

ipad mini 3
Some rights reserved by chrisf608


Apple Watch (1st generation)

Apple Watch
Gregory Varnum [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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