You are currently viewing Stranger things season 3 Reviewed, what to expect.?

Stranger things season 3 Reviewed, what to expect.?

Stranger things season 3

The Netflix released its third season for its Sci-fi thriller fantasy drama “stranger thing” further, where season 1 was initially released in 2016. Stranger things season 3 is about a missing boy and how their friends & family finds him along with the mysterious things happening in the Town of Hawkins, Indiana, in USA in early 1980’s. The second season follows the aftermath of the thing happened in season one and how they find Mike & El getting back together. Both the first and second seasons came up with eight episodes having a run time of 40-45 minutes max.

The huge success of both the seasons one and two of this series marked ‘Stranger thing’ as the fans favourite series. Since Netflix announced the third installment of the series, the fans around the world went crazy.

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Stranger things season 3

The wait is finally over, atlast Netflix released the series today which has eight episodes. This season deals with the teenage life of four friends and the childhood terror comes again to haunt them back. This time, it reveals the way of dealing by them with the haunting.

Since El closed the door for the dark side in season 2, how the mind flyer gets out from the dark side? Do El really closes the door or she thinks that is closed, but she didn’t or did she closed the door with the mind flyer left behind in our world. Is Wil still the puppet host for mind flyer? Does Steve teams up again with rest of them to find the Mind flyer and the dogs, how Nancy & Jonathan deals with it?

Since we have seen their chemistry in the previous season. How chief hopper, El is doing with their father and daughter thing.

For every individual who is yet to watch the series, we don’t want all of you to drop off with the major spoilers. There is no point in ruining your moment while you watch the series. Since you are looking for worth watch of the series with your precious time, we strongly recommend you “Stranger Thing” to binge watch.

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stranger things of season 3 staring

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin. Finn Wolfhard as Mike. Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas. Noah Schnapp as wil. Natalia Dyer as Nancy. David Harbour as Chief Hopper. Joe Keery as Steve Harrins. Sadie Sink as Max. Charlie Heaton as Jonathan and Dacre Montgomery as Billy.


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