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Ironman 2020

Wow Ironman 2020 is coming and I am very excited as Tony returns to kick some asses. Hold it right there ! Its Arno Stark in suiting up as Ironman not Arya Stark not Sansa stark not Tony Stark but Arno Stark !

Arno Stark as Ironman 2020

 Well Who the hell is Arno Stark ?

  Here is a small background story of Arno – Arno Stark or Ironman 2020 got debuted way back in 1984 in Machine Man (Aaron Stack)  2020 series . Tom DeFalco and Herbe Trimpe created him . He is the futuristic counterpart of Tony Stark Ironman . Arno now in recent years has his debut in the main Marvel universe 616 thanks to Kieron Gillian and Dale Eaglesham dubed as a long lost brother of Tony . This got changed as Arno is revealed to be a genetically robot recorder who was meant to use the armour Godkiller  ( Messed up origins no Doubt )

Powers and Ability of Ironman 2020

Iron Man 2020 wears a suit of highly sophisticated armor, similar in appearance to the classic Iron Man armor , with the exception of the faceplate and shoulders which are like gear or cog wheel with cut teethes    (Serious design I tell ya ) 

Powers of Arno Stark armour is similar to Ironman

So what’s his deal ?

The current Ironman series Tony Stark: Ironman( Highly encourage you to check it yourself ) will end by Feb2020 . So , before the ending Arno is going to take up the mantle from Tony . Why ? We don’t know yet but the comic panels shown in the NYCC is downright awesome . Ironman blasts out Nick Fury ( original fair Nick Fury and not Samuel L Jackson type ) right in the face who was holding a construction-worker as hostage , aren’t you guys excited ?

  In the last panel of Ironman 2020 schedule was listed with some of the series Tie-ins . One in particular has a interesting name – Weapon.Exe – which is quite rhymes like Weapon Hex  – Amalgamation or Scarlet witch and X23 during infinity warps storyline – or Weapon X – good old Logan – anyway pairing Ironman with Wolverine or Weapon Hex is quite interesting to read .

Anyway Ironman 2020 will debut in stores on January 2020 !!!!! Tell me in comments below !!!!!



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