ARC motorcycle debuts at GoodWood festival of speed!

ARC motorcycle debuts at GoodWood festival of speed!

ARC motorcycle

The ARC vector is the advanced Electric motorcycle that is built and handcrafted in Converty, United Kingdom. Above all it is a limited edition e-bike as the company has planned to make only 399 of its type. The bike debuts at the hill climb for very first time at Goodwood FOS. The company is very proud to showcase their ground breaking technology to the market in this prestigious FOS event.

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Features of the ARC motorcycle

It has patented front-end geometry, carbon fibre swing arms, custom Öhlins dampers and Brembo Stylema brake system. Each vehicles made will be unique to their customers. Customers can also personalise their vehicle according to their taste. The Arc vector partnered with fully integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology. The expected range of ARC vector is at 436 km with 40mins charging time. Likewise the claimed top speed of vector is 200km/hr.

Specifications and Highlights of ARC vector

  • The weight of the vector is 220kgs.
  • Acceleration time 0-100km\h is 3.2sec.
  • Fast charging through CCS DC charging unit.
  • Wheelbase – 1450mm
  • Seat height – 840mm
  • Clutchless single speed automatic transmission
  • Antilock Braking system
  • Traction control
  • LED lights
  • Availability of Different riding and environment modes

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What is so cool about ARC vector?

Every owner of the Vector undergoes a tailoring session with an Arc designer for personalizing it. Also for choosing the dream colour and material finish. During this session the measurement of the owner’s are also taken to create a perfect geometry for the Vector  .

Professionally tailored Jackets are also provided for the customers. Similarly a full head scan will facilitate the creation of a unique Zenith helmet for each owner.

Consequently the company has planned to make only 399 unique units. The Arc vector can be owned only by reservation method. The bike can be reserved through their website.


– Thiruvarasan.V

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